Facial Injuries

Facial injuries, facial trauma, or maxillofacial injuries are treated by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Injury types can include fractured face bones, teeth lost in an accident, a broken chin, lacerations on the face, etc. Facial injuries can often result in loss of function and poor self-esteem if the injuries are very visible. Injuries can also include soft tissue injuries such as injury to the skin and gums, injury to the bones including fractures to the palate, cheekbones, and eye sockets, and injuries to sensitive regions such as eyes, ears, and facial nerves.

Soft tissue injuries can be treated with surgical sutures. Bone fractures are treated based upon the location of fracture, extent of fracture and the general health of the individual. Since it is not possible to stabilize facial fractures with casts, the surgeon may use wires, or plates and screws to treat facial fractures. The patient may also have to wear dental braces. Surgeons always try to retain as much of the patient''s facial appearance as possible. Using advanced techniques, surgeons can now use micro-plates and reabsorbable plates to treat facial fractures. Injuries to the teeth may require the team work of several dental specialists depending upon the nature of injury.


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